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Watch: Charlize Theron in deleted 'Young Adult' scene

Charlize Theron's portrayal of young adult author Mavis Gary is a lesson in mean - the character, a former prom queen, is about as rude as one can get.

Although this scene above didn't make it into the film, it nonetheless displays the character's callousness, as well as screenwriter Diablo Cody's biting sense of humor.

In the film, Mavis returns home to find her high school sweetheart Buddy Slade married with a kid, but neither of those facts stop Mavis from pursuing him.

In the deleted scene above, you'll find her ranting about the audacity of Buddy's wife Beth - a.k.a. "the wife" - to send her a birth announcement, considering that Mavis only "met her once, like a hundred years ago."

Directed by Jason Reitman, who also teamed up with Cody for 2007's "Juno," "Young Adult" arrives on DVD and Blu-ray March 13.

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